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How to set up virtual port windows 7 c#

Its really cool to have an emulator to set up virtual port in windows 7/XP

A null modem emulator, get it from here


You need to make paired ports to test the data send/receive

Follow the steps below to set up and test the virtual port.

1. Install the null modem emulator (com0com) as Administrator

2. Run the Windows 7 command prompt as administrator

3. Type the following command and hit enter

bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

4. Reboot the computer

5. Open the program com0com setup to configure virtual ports


6. Create paired ports, So we can test the data transfer. If any data we push to COMA, we can get it at COMB

7. Useful program to test the data transfer between ports is hyperterminal. Unfortunately its not in the Windows 7, its in XP i guess.

You can get the hyperterminal here http://sdrv.ms/15NJAMo

8. You can test the data from the hyperterminal as below


If you type something in COM A, you can see the text in COM B and vice versa.

Also you can manage the virtual ports from your c# code with SerialPort tool as well.

Happy coding…:):)

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