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Change URL by AJAX

December 18, 2012 Leave a comment

We can change the Content of current page to another page using AJAX.

JavaScript Code:

function ChangeURL()


/*change the content of div “contentForm2″ to content of page  ‘Scan.aspx’*/

$.ajax({url:’Scan.aspx’+’?rel=tab’,success: function(data){$(‘#contentForm2′).html(data);}});

//Change the URL to Scan.aspx

window.history.pushState({path:’Scan.aspx’},”,’Scan.aspx’);return false;


Unfortunately the scripts inside Scan.aspx are not running when it loaded in to the page.(I can’t see).

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Setup SharePoint Server in Windows Server 2008

December 15, 2012 Leave a comment

You need the following software to set up a SharePoint server

1. Windows Server 2008 64 bit Operating System

2. SQL Server 2008 R2 64 bit

3. SharePoint Server or SharePoint Foundation


Hope you are in Windows Server 2008 Operating System

Step 1: Verify that the setup administrator(probably current user) is in the local administrator group

start -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management



Local Users and Groups -> Groups -> Administrators





Step 2 : Roles and role service configuration


Check these options : Application Server and Web Server ; click Next


Check these option -> Web Server, Windows Process Activation Service Support, TCP Port Sharing;  click Next


Click Next


Check these options : Server side includes, CGI, ASP, IIS 6 Management Compatability ; Click Next


Click Install


Click Close

Step 3

SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server Express 2008 Installation

Double click the setup file to start installation

Click Installation -> New Installation or add features to an existing installation

Click OK

Then Select the version option -> Express or Evaluation

Click Next

Click Install

Click Next

Select SQL Server Feature Installation -> Click Next

Select features -> Database Engine Services, Management Tools – Basic

Click Next -> Next

Click Default Instance -> Click Next  -> Next

Type SQL Server Agent Account Name and SQL Server Database Engine Account Name  and Password . (Put username as Administrator and its password in Password field)

Click Next

Click the button “Add Current User” to specify sql server administrator

Click Next -> Next -> Install

Step 4

4. SQL Server 2008 Configuration


Click -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 -> SQL Server Configuration Manager


Go Protocols for MSSQLSERVER -> Right Click TCP/IP -> Enable

Then Double click SQL ServerServices from the left pane and Restart SQL Server(MSSQLSERVER).

After that close the window.


Go to Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 -> SQL Server Management Studio


Click connect with default options


From the left pane , Click Security -> Logins -> Right Click the sharepoint user added before. -> Properties


From left pane, click  Server Roles and add the following roles.


security admin

Then click OK.

Close the window.


Step 5

SharePoint Pre-requisites


Run Pre-requisites from the SharePoint installation media. Or you can see the option when you run the SharePoint Foundation setup as “Install Pre-requisites”.

Step 6

SharePoint 2010 Installation

Install SharePoint Foundation by running the setup.


Choose Server Farm.


Choose complete installation


Click Close

Step 7

SharePoint 2010 Configuration Wizard


Next -> Yes

Choose Create a new server farm and Click Next


Provide your database server name and credentials


Provide Password for your Farm


Specify Port Number for your access.

Next -> Next.

Click Finish.


Then it automatically start Central Administration portal in a browser

Click Ok.

Choose “No I will configure everything myself”


It shows you the SharePoint Administration options